I Got An Idea: END THE MANDATES; Justin Is The Real Threat To National Security

Once again, Canada's intellectual class as well as professional and amateur commentators are showcasing its penchant for cluelessness looking for explanations in all the wrong places.

The solution to this problem is simple but elegant in its humility: End the mandates.

After all, Canada views itself as a humble nation, no?

It's simple because the charade is over. Everyone who has been paying attention to the science, literature and data knows the mandates are counter-productive and not rooted in any kind of science but rather punitive and irresponsible political machinations.

There's little downside risk to end them. The only people who will object are the mentally ill still too afraid of the virus. They've condemned themselves into a life of living in fear. I reckon they represent a small sliver of Canadian sentiment.

Most people are fed up and ready to move on. That's my semi-educated instinctual guess which is supported by a recent poll (I forget from which one Nanos or Angus-Reid) showing 54% of Canadians wanting an end to the mandates. I would expect this figure to only go up.

The truckers succeeded in brining awareness to the public and perhaps even waking some Canadians up. They were the lions we've been waiting for.

I read a Thread Reader from a Matt Gurney. He's afraid. Very afraid. He's frightened about how the state isn't able to go in and crack enough heads for 'public safety'.

Once again like they did with the Covid hysteria, thinkers are falling to a presumption trap. They can't help themselves. They presume a J6 is about to erupt ergo the state must step in to prevent it. If it doesn't it's a failure and violence is inevitable. 

It's another example of a misapplication of the precautionary principle. The obsession with prevention has shown itself to be a slave to presumption. Policies are then enacted based on faulty presumptions and premises.

Stated otherwise: 'We must prevent a J6!' for its own sake. They never consider the other side: Was J6 an overblown event? It seems that way. Just like the spectacle of the Russia hoax narrative was. It was an incident the Democrats and media simply amplified as they always do.

The combination of toxic media, political lies and gullible people inevitably leads to a breakdown of law & order and the violation of the rule of law (which Justin excels at ironically enough they all so worry about.

It's just not in Canada's nature to rebel with violence. We've had episodes (usually in Quebec) of civil disorder and violence in the past, but as a whole Canada is a 'peaceful kingdom'. It's in the DNA code of this country. Truckers, as a culture. may be rowdy and determined but are erudite and honest. I don't believe they will suddenly go violent. If there's a violent element that enters it will be 'agent provacateurs'. It will come from the state too. 

Focused on logistics and concepts of public safety, Matt isn't putting enough blame where it squarely belongs: JUSTIN TRUDEAU. 

Notice how he ignores Justin - and his callous Jacobin mindset - ABANDONED ship. He fled Ottawa. This is movie level cowardice. A real leader stays and handles the situation. Not come out of his cubbie hole to spew puerile and divisive rubbish and gibberish only to run back inside hoping for others to make it happen.

Instead, he has Mark Holland playing the part of laying under the bus yapping pointlessly  in Parliament and has the Ottawa police chief flailing around like a Keystone Kop.

If the Liberal caucus had ANY sense and self-awareness, they remove Justin. He and he alone represents a direct threat to Canadian security and well-being.

This government created an Orwellian 'Middle Class Prosperity' portfolio. Rich given it has spent $1.2 trillion dollars (where it went is anyone's guess since Trudeau ain't telling), continuously angles for more onerous taxes (usually to 'fight' climate change. Hopefully, their 'fight' will be more successful than the 'fight' agains Covid. In any event, the Liberals also want to increase capital gain taxes and stick a Home Equity tax on the middle-class), and basically wiped out millions of jobs through their lockdown policies shattering small business across this land. Some prosperity. On what planet do Liberals live?

It's said men are from Mats and women Venus. Re-worked we can say the middle-class and same and sober Canadians are from Earth and the Liberal party of Canada and its dopey Orange loop partners in crime the NDP are from a planet yet discovered beyond Pluto.

That being said, it appears recent rhetoric from the utterly incompetent and pathetic head doctor Theresa Tam as well as Moore in Ontario, suggest they're getting the message as they will 're-evaluate the need for measures'. When the mandates end, they must all resign. Tam, Moore, Legault and above all Justin. They failed in ways one can't imagine. But before they do, they must FIRE whoever consulted them. They were given obscenely bad and ignorant advice. 


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