Justin And Freeland ARE Totalitarians In Rhetoric AND Action

In psychology, I think there's a saying that goes something along the lines of "you tell so many lies you begin to believe them. Call it the Costanza deception. 

Justin Trudeau lives in a bubble within a cocoon of lies and deception. He has created an ideological world that does not exist but he has come to believe. Chrystia Freeland too wallows in this deceptive dimension of darkness. 

Together, they are taking Canada down a path we've never been on. 

Last night I saw the world's unelected and unofficial Dr of Death and Doom (no not Fauci). Bill Gates (you know, the software engineer and felon with eugenicist roots) declare Omicron is indeed a better vaccine than the vaccine itself. It's his way of saying I'm out. 

It's a matter of time the vaccinators either pull back or double down.

In Canada, we're a special kind of vaccine cult. Tam and her merry band of incompetent pseudo-doctors and shaman scientists continue to peddle a pipe dream of vaccines like crazed drug dealers high on their own supply to the point they're now forcing their clients to take their product. 

But their customers know the quality is bad and no longer wish to freely purchase it. Nonetheless, they're being hounded and harassed by their suppliers. I thought this sort of stuff is illegal? You can't keep soliciting people with junk marketing, no?

Yet, this is what the government of Canada is doing.

They do so because they're so detached from reality sitting in their damn cubby holes only to come out on a Zoom call (yes, in Canada two years later while America is back to a relative state of normalcy Canadian politicians still wear masks and bureaucrats still Zoom call. It's all so pathetic and depressing to watch them continue to peddle their charade) they can no longer see the trees in the forest. They have no sense of reality or perspective. They're mired in tunnel vision and that vision is so limited in scope they're blind.

The only way to right this ship is to remove them. It would be good for Canada if they'd resign but this people have no honour or dignity. Somehow we need to gut and reform our health agencies and academic hospitals. All they've done is issue decrees from afar without scant evidence for two years.

And plan to continue. This is what's driving Canadians to depression and despair. Nowhere in their rhetoric is there talk of hope and lights at the end of the tunnel. Just a long, dark road ahead going to infinity. Always slave to their models, projections and preventative tyranny. If you listen carefully to how they talk, this will go on forever.

And all they've got to sell is a vaccine. Vaccines that are not even safe or effective. I don't care what Skippy from McGill says, the data and literature on the vaccines are staggeringly bad.

From the fact they provide very limited relief - thick of it as a temporary relief pill - and now increasingly no value. They obviously do cause death and a lot of injuries. It doesn't matter billions of doses have been given thus making the percentage of injuries low. In the past, we never looked at percentages to determine if a medicine stays on the market. If there were a perceived number of gross numbers, it would be pulled. For example, just 700 kids got narcolepsy after taking the H1N1 vaccine. On a percentage basis, this was small. But 700 kids was enough to end it. Same with the flu shot in 1976. 25 people died out of 45 million doses given. Do the math. Low percentage there too. But still got pulled.

Here, we're ploughing ahead with over 40 000 deaths (USA/EU/UK) that have been reported and millions of injuries! 

Deaths and injuries to kids are surpassing the threat of Covid itself! 

This isn't a success story. It's a human and scientific catastrophe. 

You want to tell me this piece of crap injection is 'safe and effective' and that the 'benefits outweigh the risks"? You still have psychotics like Walensky saying jabbing kids (who are taking on all risk with no benefit) is the 'best way to protect the elderly'. 

Are you effen kidding me?

So many lies and deceptions have occurred not even the authorities have control of their own script or plot anymore. They're just going out their winging shit. Fauci is a contradicting machine so powerful, no software could ever be devised to match his shocking arrogance, depravity and penchant for lying. It would take years to input the codes to match Tony Fauci's lies.

The world wants to be done with Covid. Canada for some reason doesn't want to let go.

Think of just what happened. In December of 2021, Freeland said this virus was gong to be a common cold. If this was their position, then why did they double down on mandates for a common cold that was about to come? If the virus is known to become endemic, that means it poses little threat to us and we can all move n. We can start to exist with it like the flu. Of course, they're not quite ready to relinquish their powerful grip of paternalistic authority. Together with media, epidemiologists, and infectious disease doctors, they continue to appeal to fear.

This is going to paralyze and ruin Canada if this is allowed to continue a minute more. 

Only we the people can end this.

Justin playing hard ball with truckers for a vaccine that is no longer effective and then declaring an emergency is going down as one of the greatest miscalculation in Canadian history. It will be an example of how a 'stare of emergency' threatens democracy and liberty. 

The precedent established (and the baseline set by Covid measures indeed) moving forward can be summarized as giving power to cynical and hysterical pear cluttchers seeking to aggrandize the power of the state.

People cheering this madness on are once again showing their ignorance and inability  to look at things on a macro level. To consider the overall impact on the country and its civil order.

Too busy remaining in the Covid cult to come out and see the blue skies of truth. 

Everyone is flailing around unwilling to accept we can live with the virus.

The Prime Minister has dehumanized and demonized millions of Canadians in an effort to what seems to be to protect an untenable, unscientific and unreasonable vaccine mandate. He has gone full Nero on the country.

And when you are willing to go as far as he has - without much push back from MPs which is extremely disappointing and worrying - we absolutely are faced with a totalitarian mindset.

Listen to Justin and Freeland.

Try and tell me they're not acting like a couple of derelict and deranged totalitarians? 

The world is looking at them and laughing.

They're now memes. Memes are a look into the how the world views something.

They're the embodiment of the dangers of believing your own lies.

It is time to end this.


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