Profiles In Criminals: They Lie

The language is coarsening.

The more they deny and lie.

The more the accusations become more direct.

They're not content with being accused of lying and deciding the public about the mRNA shots being 'safe and effective' (they're not).

They're not just unsafe and ineffective, they're downright and outright useless and dangerous.

And they're doing something to the immune system. We just don't know the extent and duration.

So let's take this up a notch.

153 babies have already died because of this useless crap.

How many babies and children have died again due to Covid?

The only thing they have left is to say, 'yeah but long Covid is worse' which is impossible to know. In any event, the show isn't very good at reducing or preventing 'severe disease' or even infection. Hello Bourla!

This makes them guilty of either first or second-degree murder.


Lies, deceit and murder aren't enough. Let's throw in some gaslighting for good measure.

We know the mRNA shots thicken the blood and cause clots and heart inflammation. We know people are dying suddenly usually from blood clots and heart attacks. We know cancers are exploding. All coincide with the rollout of the vaccines.

But the criminals - and this is what they are - are now saying those conditions are due to 'long Covid'.

Not true. At all.

And this is where you're gonna use your little noggin and apply critical thinking. Plus your good, old-fashioned human instincts; called a hunch in the streets.

I'd ask them to politely stop. But they won't. Because they're sociopaths and psychopaths incapable of humility and honesty.

They will tolerate murder to protect their reputations and money. 

They are criminals.

We will have to treat them as such.

We must not relent in our pursuit of justice.


At the moment, we're getting battered in the Canadian "courts". I don't know where this is going or if it's going to establish precedence. I'm worried this creates a new baseline baked into rulings where we accept long-accepted ethical standards. 

What this means is we've removed informed consent and medical autonomy from protection in the courts. Meaning, next time out, the baseline is you have no rights. This is where the real medical tyranny takes it up a notch and gulags (isolation camps) are introduced. 

The courts have consistently ruled against (with some exceptions) the people's rights in the face of an overblown public emergency. 

Are you awake yet?

Let me remind you:

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