Pst. There Is No Crisis

It's true.

I know. It's hard to believe.

But there is no 'right-wing extremist' threat. The fact the Federal government froze bank accounts of innocent citizens in Canada and the FBI and DOJ labelled parents 'domestic terrorists' for petitioning to remove critical race theory in U.S. schools, should have clued you in on the fabricated lies.

What they've done - or trying to do - is outlaw the ability of citizens to protest.  It doesn't matter what the cause is, although I suspect the next BLM protest will go off without a single word from national leaders even if it gets violent as it often does.

There is no 'climate change' either. Climate system change is verbal trickery. Again, when they shifted from global warming to climate change, it should have lit the LED light in your brain. They knew global warming wasn't a thing (and data shows we haven't had warming in 15 years). So they needed to change the table before the facts seeped into the public's conscience. Recall, that they were wrong about global cooling in the 1970s.

Maybe saying they were wrong is a little strong. No one is that stupid. Let's just say they were - and are - lying - because that's where the money (ie research grants) is, bro.

So no cooling. No warming. Can't keep the labels. So they came up with 'climate change'. That way it encompasses anything, everything and nothing at the same time. After all, climate does change. 

Their solutions are to kill the food supply (cattle ranching is bad for the environment) and more dirty and dangerous electric cars without a proper accounting of what's needed to make it happen.

Auto manufacturers are jumping on this band wagon because it's a gold rush and they don't want to miss out on the demand. But I think it's a miscalculation.

Why? Reality is going to not only slap us in the face but it will beat the living crap out of us.

It's all based on lies. And a foundation based on lies is bound to collapse.

Ok. There are no extremists threatening the government or an actual climate threat (as been posted by true scientists, not on the take).

What else is a made-up lie?

Oh. Racists everywhere is a lie. We are NOT an incorrigibly racist society no matter what the recent pseudo-intellectual hucksters say. 

The whole Crisis Industry is filled with players like the SPLC, whoever this Faber guy here in Canada acting as some guy kind of anti-hate guru (hint. He's not. In order to play the part you MUST project), fact-checking organizations that are just fronts for the establishment profiting off the crisis industry.

It's quite a sophisticated network of deceivers. It doesn't take much to see it.

Is it really that hard and implausible to not see Bill Gates is at the centre of the climate change and Covid scams? He's positioned himself to make obscene profits off the fears of people he helped to foster.

The mRNA 'vaccines' was NEVER needed. It was all a shell game. The question is WHY do they want it in your body? 

Getting it?

Do you actually think these morally and intellectually regressive monsters we see at the WEF or EU commissions and elsewhere actually care about you?

They care about POWER.

Pure power.

They're addicted to it. 

For years I struggled to understand Hegel.

Now I get it.

The Hegelian Dialectic is being played out before our eyes at an alarming rate.


They want people to beg them to save 'the planet' and 'the world'.

And then they give each other shitty awards for being heroes.

Let's be forward and frank. These people are mediocre minds and talents. They're not that smart or even clever. The cream does not rise to the top in modern politics. The system seems to be designed in such a way an idiot can easily climb up the ladder. Take your pick. Very few of these vomit spewers actually possess an original or profound thought of any kind. I mean from politics to even academia. All slaves to their own dialectic calculus. They're not after the truth. They're after the version of it created in their minds.

It's all garbage.

It's The Truman Show.

Wake up and see it.

There is not a single crisis that is organic.

It's the sheer malicious intervention of 'experts' and politicians who make them.

They're the sticks in our wheels.

It's that simple.

They're the sowers of discord.

And destruction.

We and only we can stop it by simply being aware of it.

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