About Canada 'Partnership' With Moderna

To Canadians, on the surface, the deal to bring Moderna facilities here is a great development for science and the economy.

However, accepting this at face value ignores the reality of what this Faustian deal actually entails. Canadians are simply not aware - or at least naive -  of the inner workings of American power industrial politics and business. 

Here's what they're getting themselves into courtesy of Justin Trudeau (allegations and suspicions of him being financially tied to two B.C.-based companies - Acuitas being one of them) and Francois Legault who probably isn't even aware of any of this.

When I saw them ink the deal with Moderna, it was all the proof needed that Canada is in deep with the American deep state and its spooks. NIH is partnered with Moderna ipso facto Canada is a partner with the medical industrial complex in the U.S.

See that Canada? Once again we're nothing but branch plant stooges in a bigger play. What I'm saying is, Canada is indirectly linked and tied to the Department of Defence, DARPA, BARDA and NIH.

There is no independent Canadian health body anymore. Health Canada is basically CDC/FDA.

Canada is at the centre of the Covid scam knee deep in corruption.

Keep pretending otherwise.

You have two choices:

Play, comply and take the boosters at great health risk.



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