Greatest Medical Crime In History; The Weasels Can't Take The Heat

Right on time we're hearing from academic professors come in a defend the indefensible.

As I've written and argued since 2020, it was evident that a) public officials were not following science and b) made it political.

There were many experts and voices of reason questioning the whole Covid narrative and response to it from Day One.

But they were all frozen out or censored.

Our job was to keep receipts.

Working through various groups, we've amassed, chronicled and read thousands of articles and studies that contradicted the official Covid charade.

We knew they were going to eventually come back claiming they 'didn't know' or that it was 'necessary' because it was the greatest public health threat in our lifetime.

It never was. That's the point we've been making all along and we will be vindicated.

The problem and challenge is to hold those accountable for dividing our countries and wrecking the civil order.

To continue and consistently deny the negative trade offs due to the response is unethical and rises to malfeasance.

We will also hear them dismiss the fact we tried to inform and warn that the path they chose was doomed to fail.

And it did.

The more candid societies, if you notice, are quietly stepping away.

Not in Canada though.

Arrogant, smug and backward Canada is going down with the ship.

And the courts and academia will sink right along with it.

The stupidity is breathtaking.

The damage done is irreparable.

Coercing people into social habits that had no basis whatsoever in science is unconscionable.

The latest TV Dinner Expert TM is Thomas Juneau from the University of Ottawa who argued that what the Quebec government did was acceptable because 'pandemic'.

No, it wasn't. It never was. Not the vaccine passports. Not the masks.Not the lockdowns.  Not the social distancing. And certainly not the venomous rhetoric that went along with it.

None of it was ever acceptable or appropriate.

If the professor, in fact, it would be great if any of these champs could present a STRONG and well-constructed RCT study to defend their assertions. 

But they rarely do.

It gets better.

His quote:

"...we shouldn't have politicians in the legislature who are openly anti-vaccine,"

Really? Since when? Are we not an 'open and free democracy?' There's ample evidence now showing that perhaps it's time to dial back this 'vaccine' (it's not a traditional vaccine) program. Should we not be allowed to debate it? Since when did vaccination become off-limits for debate?

It's quite the statement.

Especially at this junction with all we know about these mRNA injections.

It's an ignorant assertion to make.

It only makes sense if you're ignoring the endless stream of studies pointing to the need to cease the vaccination program.

Some countries are slowly beginning to do this.

The injuries and deaths are undeniable.

Worse still, is the revelation that Ivermectin works and the authorities knew it all along.

They always knew. The Canadian and American people have been betrayed by sheer incompetence and blind dogmatic science and corruption.

Even worse still, how a professor can make this statement just as we've learned that both the Quebec and Canadian governments did not consult public health and never followed science for their futile and cruel restrictions. It was all politics.

All of it.

I'll close here to lower the heat of my boiling blood and seething anger.

Now the weasels are scared that the heat is on them. 

Maybe they should have thought of this before they ruined the lives of millions. 

This is the consequence of their actions. 

They won't be able to squirm their way out of this so easily. Granted, we don't expect a legal or political recourse but we will keep fighting to ensure justice is served for the greatest medical hysteria unleashed on  free peoples. 

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