The Body Is A Temple; Not A Clinical Trial

One of the great hoodwinks public officials managed to pull is to convince people that if you don't take a coerced medical procedure you're somehow unnatural. Dirty.

A threat even to civilization.

Framed this way. it allows for people like Justin Trudeau to engage in hateful rhetoric questioning whether a section of the population should be 'tolerated'.

It's funny. All I heard for four years was how Donald Trump was apparently a hateful guy. Yet, the only hate I've read and heard was the verbal assault and rhetoric that has come out of the mouths of Trudeau and Biden. I mean, we're talking Naziesque-level psycho talk here.

As usual, it was projection all along.

The vaccine campaign is under severe scrutiny and duress now. And for good reason. It not has been a dismal failure but it may be coming at a drastic cost through massive injuries and sometimes death. Moreover, we don't know what the long-term implications will be and it may very well be the culprit driving variants. We may be unwittingly creating a super-virus through these leaky, non-sterilizing and crappy products.

Good job experts. It's a wrap.

The sad thing about all this is people didn't treat their bodies with the respect they deserved. We're a miraculous creation of God. We were born UNVACCINATED. This is our natural state. 

Taking a man-made chemical concoction under the claim of 'public health' is NOT NATURAL.

And neither is the virus for that matter.

Your body really is a temple. Treat it as such.

Don't be a rat in a clinical trial.

Start respecting yourself and be attentive. 

No more complying. 

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