My Imagined Responses To The Psychopath Ignoramuses

You've seen them. The Stephane Felon Guilbeaults and retarded The Squad congress losers of this world making impossibly ignorant and arrogant proclamations about climate. 

They'll say things like: Our actions will result in keeping the earth at X degrees and with these deals and programs will will reduce it by 1.5 degrees and with more policies and agreements will keep it at X degrees.

How stupid do you have to think and believe humans can control the earth's climate?


Think of it.

Idiots like AOC and Guibeault vs. Mother Nature.

This is a no-contest.

Heck, AOC and her Squad goons can't even outsmart a hamster. No offence to hamsters.

My response to them, if I were in front of them listening to their vacuous blathering, would be: Are you mental?

While I'm on it, when this Covid-'vaccine' crime ends, if I had one question to pose to all the criminals involved it would be: What the fuck did you do?

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