Duclos Is Spreading Misinformation

So now we're comparing the intricate human immune system to.....toxic batteries? 

It's pretty damn obvious clear that this is the work of quack behavioural scientists who are part of the booster propaganda architecture. The idea of comparing the human body to a smartphone where several leaders in various contexts have made this idiotic and supremely ignorant comparison. 

And the completely unhinged and fearful medical elites are going along repeating openly that our immune systems need boosters to “recharge”. 

Our immune systems operate or function nothing like phones or computer hardware. Sadly, this was probably tested in focus groups and discovered it may actually find support. Says a lot about the ignorance of society as a whole I'd argue.

So, with this, 'Health' Minister Jean-Yves 'Caillou' Duclos declared while peddling unsafe and ineffective boosters that have undergone no clinical human trials. But they did fuck up eight mice though!

What's the big deal, right? They're just 'upgrading' them like we do flu vaccines.

Except, for the 584845767667th time, these are not traditional vaccines. This is a brand new mRNA platform.

What's irritating about Canadian pseudoscience is we're not even original about it. We ripped this analogy off from an ad in the UK where public health was miseducating people that the booster is a charge like a battery.

The major problem with this take is we've pretty much hit the salutation point. Large segments of the population have been exposed giving us some level of immunity. Non-vaccinated people have far more lasting and robust immunity which renders the battery analogy utterly absurd. Alas, if you deny natural immunity you deny the immune system's capability to clear the virus on its own and more efficiently. That's the point isn't it? Deny the immune system's magic so you keep people 'upgrading their software' they were misled into rewriting through these genetic therapies.

It's rather incredible the level of ignorance being shown by people who should know better running to get a booster. Count yourself as a fool if you bought into Duclos's stupid claim.

That's straight up misinformation courtesy of Canadian public health. These unserious people deserve to be thrown vegetables at them like in the days of Vaudeville.

This is how out of hand things have gotten. 

As you know, I think the whole lot of these sorry failures from Justin to Duclos to Tam to Njoo should all resign. But that takes some level courage and humility of which none of these people possess.

Canada is stuck on stupid. Forever trapped in retard.


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