Incredulous Buffoons

I saw a brief clip from TVA Nouvelles (Queebc's CNN) where the panel - which included former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair - acting with disgust about anti-vaxx conspiracies after one had the temerity to confront Le P'Tit Tyrant Francois Legault. Le Gros Boss. Brasserie Bob. L'Homme D'Affaire. 

She asked him why the website for the passport app was updated.

Good question.

A very important one.

But how dare she! How dare she, the little commoner, attack the poor Legault who wanted to have a drink and play his campaign games?

I was bothered and annoyed by their reaction. This is not how 'journalists' should be behave. But these are the tines where journalists have abandoned their duty and simply fall in line with whatever the state narrative is.

Hence, anyone who dares to question authority is now an extremist. 

Not a good situation.

But here's the thing.

'Conspiracy theorists' have been right EVERY SINGLE TIME since 2020.

In March of 2020 they laid out how it was all going to play out.

From never-ending boosters, to passports to quarantines, isolation camps  to climate change lockdowns to food shortages and so on.

I mean, I'm thoroughly impressed.

So when the passports do come back (which would be absolutely stunning and will surely make my final decision to leave Quebec permanent) I'll be sure to email Tom Mulcair.

Or maybe not. Because at this point, this pandemic sham is a scam and you have to be one special idiot to still a) be buying into it and b) listening to media and all the loud mouth'd shnooks who infest it.


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