There Will Be More Pain And Lies

Despite the Covid and mRNA narratives being essentially dead in the water, there's still juice to be extracted from it politically.

There are two elections coming up. One major, one minor. The major one, of course, is the U.S mid-terms. Right now, you'd be prudent and can't be blamed to think the powers that be are playing nice pretending guidance has shifted in order to get re-elected. Come one day after, don't be surprised if they attempt still more draconian measures. 

If the DNC manages to keep the House and/or the Senate, watch out. Fauci won't go anywhere and he will have license to further this plandemic. 

Same situation in Quebec. With a liar like Francois Legault, you know he has something up his sleeve. L'homme d'affaire has already charted things to the end of December at least and it will be more of the unethical pseudoscience bull shit Quebec fully embraces being the moral and scientific backwater that it is. 

Le 'Tit Tyrant Legault will go full Napoleon Covid complex once he gets re-elected on Oct. 2. That's why he and his derelict assholes are playing nice. You can read this moron from a mile away. He'd be the worst poker player in the room. Brasserie Legault is just that. A gutter talking smoothie who shoots his joual mouth off like the ignoramus he is.

Same goes for the narcissistic fink and jerkoff in Ottawa. 

They're all gearing up for a FEAR MONGERING BONANZA to fool you into taking a dangerous and useless booster. 

Yes, it's that corrupted and all about money. 

Get your asses on Substack and start to read what's going on. You're 12 months behind the curve.

Catch up. It's about your health. LIFE AND LIBERTY. 

There will be more pain and lies.



Quick word on Nouvelles TVA. I don't watch French or English news but whenever I come across clips it became apparent to me TVA is basically CNN Quebec.

Pure propaganda bull shit peddling fake news.

I was watching a segment that including former NDP leader Thomas Muclair and damn near fell off my chair at how shallow and so off the mark these people are.

It's actually scary.

TVA is owned by P-K Peladeau I think. P-K is good friends with Legault.

Do the damn math. 


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