"Science Will Win"

So goes the caption on Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla's Twitter account.

Strange caption if you ask me.

Win against who? Science is a contest against who? Mother Nature? Anti-vaxxers? 

Do pray tell, Al.

Are you suggesting Pfizer will 'defeat' Covid? With Paxlovid? You're funny, Al. 

Of course, it's not about 'winning'. Science is not a hockey game or tennis match.

It's not adversarial.

It's a process to reach the truth.

Pfizer's 'vaccines' have been a complete catastrophic failure that injured and killed millions. Same with the spook creation of the deep state Moderna. 

Is that an example of 'science winning', Albert.

We were told take this shitty concoction and stop the pandemic! You won't get infected!

Sounds like you got your ass kicked.

Alas, what do you care? You have immunity. Excuse the pun. No one can get to the Big Bad Pharma in bed with the Blackrocks and Vangaurds of this world. You have it all figured out don't you, Al? The FDA is nothing but your rubber stamp whore led by that prostitute Arnold Monto and other sluts like him.

Kill on brother. 

Pharma keeps us all sick. That's the business model.

And now, they think they've come up with the best model yet with the indefinite junk booster conveyor belt. Helps to have sinister and criminal fraudsters like Trudeau, Biden and Legault on your side I reckon.

The scale of this hysteria is unprecedented. But it's no longer hysteria.

It's horrifying.

The number of 'sudden' deaths everyone playing dumb to is shocking and astonishing and most definitely can be attributed to these ''clots shots'

You have to be one brain dead sheep to not connect these gigantic obvious dots.

'She dies suddenly. So young and fit! What could it have been?' 




So screen shot this Tweet. It will be a keeper. This idiot made an impossible claim based on zero evidence except on eight mice. 

This is how deep this criminal racket runs. And make no mistake, this is an extortion and racketeering scheme with all levels of power involved from governments to our dear friends at Sponsored by Pfizer.

You work for Pfizer or Moderna?

You're a criminal too.

You all crossed a line. A massive line with mandates and usurpation of rights ruining lives.

You will be held, hopefully to account. 

If not in this world.

In the next.

But you will. 

The dead souls of millions will make sure of it.

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