Tam's Fraudulent Behaviour Must Come With Consequences

I want to briefly revisit Tam's 'study' claiming restrictions saved the world.

I wish we could just ignore this nonsense but the fact is this is what's in control of our lives at the moment and it's based on shoddy, shitty science.

The mathematical model - garbage in, garbage out - says up to 34 million infections were prevented.

This claim would be strengthened if it permanently prevented infections. But as we know, we're all going to get it so having prevented it at one point in time is pointless as it is useless since it only delayed the inevitable. You cannot prevent transmission of a respiratory illness and this goes to show how far up her ass her head is.

The assertion is further weakened when we realize under 1% of people infected - vaccinated or not - end up in hospital. Or stated otherwise if we assume 1% - 380 000 people.

They're severely overestimating Covid's threat as they've done since 2020 and refuse to pivot from this erroneous baseline assumption.

The shady study claims up to 800 000 deaths were prevented. 

On its face, this is an outrageous claim. In a population of c. 38 million, this claims a 2.15% death rate! We know Covid deaths are in line with the flu with a survival rate in the range of 99.985%. Or .15%! 

Moreover, we also know over 80% of deaths came with 2 or more co-morbidities. Yet, Tam insists on not focusing on this and pretending she can apply a blanket zero-sum risk profile to the population.

Last, the mountain of actual evidence from meta-analysis reviews from places like Johns Hopkins as well as dozens upon dozens of articles has shown the measures had a LIMITED impact. Next to 0% as in, tops 2% impact. We also see in low vaccination countries as well as those that didn't impose restrictions, none of these catastrophic claims ever came to pass.

Just to cite a recent example(and there are more and more experts reaching the same conclusions) from someone who actually knows what they're talking about, the vaccines are killing in 1 in 800. Do the math. That's roughly 48 000 deaths. That's hard math. Not this flippant crap of 'we saved 800 000' people based on a model.

What I'm saying is the 800 000 figure is not real. The 1 in 800 is.get Covid. We're pretty much at that point. So to make any claims of 'we prevented' is MOOT. As mentioned, it only delayed the inevitable But what were the costs of that delay? This is the part of the trade-offs Tam and her merry band of Covidian twits refuse to acknowledge. Can it be because of the cost-analysis benefit would the restrictions were catastrophic? 

Also. And I think most important is everyone is going to get Covid. So that it prevented 34 million cases is a red herring and irrelevant. Regarding hospitalizations, it ignores that the vast majority of people admitted into hospitals are people 'up to date' with their vaccinations. So much so it's been called a 'pandemic of the vaccinated'.  More here.

What a farce Canada has become. 

This is a dereliction of duty in my view to continue misleading in this manner. I don't expect anything to happen but this is a classic and lame attempt at 'CYA' 

I'm guessing had we done little to nothing, we'd have less all-cause mortality deaths, less damage to the population caused by these terrible vaccines, less inflation, less 'rebounds',  and less of everything while keeping the civil order intact and our rights secured as well as our moral and ethics.

THIS is Tam and her Covidian hysterical brethren have achieved. Medical mayhem. 

I'm guessing they set up the model to provide desired outcomes.

What else is new in the realm of fraudulent science?

And there it sits on a government website.

Theresa Tam must be investigated and forced to resign. 

She's a fraud. 

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