A Morally And Ethically Broken And Bankrupted Country; The Pathetic Projection Of Chrystia Freeland


Canada is broken.

And I'm not even sure if it can be repaired. We've lost all sense of logic, faith and humanity. 

We threw out the bonds of common decency and ethics for experimental and ineffective mRNA injections that didn't stop the pandemic (to the extent there's still one let alone an emergency). It didn't do anything remotely what was promised.

The vaccine program is a complete and colossal utter failure and catastrophe.

Since we have cowards and narcissists in power, don't expect humility and a reversal. Expect this ship to get shipwrecked.

The above quote was not lost on me. Which is why I stopped giving blood and took out of my will consenting to organ donation while no longer signing my driver's license. 

Want to be depraved assholes? Well, NO ONE will get my blood and organs. 

How much more shortsighted, cruel and callous can this place be?

Decisions about our health are being made by ideologues not driven by science but hard cynical politics. The Liberals have charted a bad path for this country and nothing short of a complete philosophical awakening to reverse this trend will suffice.

The recent euthanasia laws were bound to get out of control to anyone of sound and moral mind. Many people will die unnecessarily because of it. Physicians are cowards and won't defend the right to life. Just like how the mRNA are doing staggering damage to fellow humans.

Canada is basically one big death panel now. 

One in which I want no part of.


Freeland is some piece of work.

Poor thing.

She's upset that she was characterized as 'difficult' and 'frustrating' by Jared Kushner in his book.

Judging by what I've seen of her over the years, I can totally see this.

Freeland, being the thin-skinned viper she is, hit back calling Trump a 'bully' during the negotiations. 


It's very possible and probable Trump was a bully. Maybe because he didn't have much respect for Canada. I can see Canada coming to the table with self-entitled demands without considering Trump's agenda. They very likely misread the room - and we have a huge track record of this government misreading rooms - and set the tone for difficult negotiations.

And who says negotiations have to be smooth anyway?

I don't know how much bullying went on. Keep in mind, this is a party who called truckers rapists and racists without proof so it's very possible they mistook a simple disagreement as being 'bullying''.

These are woke ideologues remember.

But here's the thing.

Trump NEVER froze the bank accounts of his citizens based on a total fraud and lie. Nor did he look to put it permanently in law. He never aggressed on the civil rights and liberties of citizens and actually respected the Constitution - at leas in comparison to past Presidents.

Chrystia, on the other hand did.

She ruined a good number of people with her autocrat impulse. Which is not surprising given her, erm, Nazi, erm, background.

And therein lies the truth.

It takes a bully to know a bully. She merely engaged in projection with her response. 

Chrystia Freeland is worse than a bully.

She's a criminal bully who attacked FREE CITIZENS. 

That's far worse than anything Donald J, Trump ever did while President. 

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