Of Bugs, Wills And Charades

You may have noticed the drive to get you to normalize eating bugs is intensifying.

Again. This is coming from the same class of psychopaths forcing useless and dangerous experimental "vaccines" on people. All ostensibly for climate change and health.

To those awake, we know it's not about that at all.

Eating bugs is not normal. It's not a normal part of the human diet. It only is so in certain parts of the rural world where food sources are scarce. 

We've attained this level of habits for a reason through natural evolution. Like they deny the biology of natural immunity they're trying to convince you how you eat is not part of the human diet.

It's all bull shit and don't fall for it like you did the 'vaccines'.

It's all part of an overall plan and agenda to send us back to the stone age not because of the environment but to control your essence through what we call the bio-medical and capitalist surveillance state.

Start connecting the dots. For now you're playing along thinking you're a good citizen or have 'nothing to hide' but eventually that 'privilege' will end. They will come for you. The unvaccinated today but everyone else to tomorrow.

It's the story of humanity. Not conspiratorial thinking. Humans DO conspire and this is the latest scam to wrestle control from people's lives.

Let's keep this simple. leave aside the human digestive system is not meant to process bugs (we're not birds. We're mammals), and look at the two most recent ancient civilizations in the West of Greece and Rome. I must have missed the part they ate bugs as part of their diet. 

Did you?

What about Asian cultures? Perhaps it's a little more common but probably not a feature. Nor do I care really. But we've all had Asian friends. I myself have had Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese, Japanese, Sri Lankan and Indian friends. Let's throw in Arabs including Lebanese, Syrians and Egyptians. 

Have they ever offered you a good plate of crickets and tarantula when you visited their homes?

Don't eat bugs, and for God's love, don't take the boosters. The evidence is all but irrefutable that they are dangerous and ineffective. The data is all for us to see. Don't follow the laser pointer from the government and its arrogant experts. Being wrong is a FEATURE when it comes to government and the expert class.


A court ruled it's ok for hospitals to take people off the transplant waiting list. 

Canada = cruel and unusually stupid.

There will be unintended consequences and I'm glad I'm not the only one who decided to remove myself from any organ donor's list. 

In my will, I removed the part where they could take my organs. You want to be inhumane and treat the unvaccinated that way no one gets a piece of me. And then they’re gonna cry we don’t have enough organ and blood donors without realizing the consequences of their short-sighted and cruel actions.

Same with blood.

I will not donate blood anymore.

Keep going on this track Canada. Keep believing we're advanced and compassionate.

You will do so right into hell.


As you know, I'm no fan of Francois Legault. I find him a despicable, dishonest sleaze ball.

So it's not surprising being the deceptive degenerate he is, he would once again play up the charades of going to a vaccine clinic in a mask in a pathetic attempt to get people boosted (DO NOT DO IT. GO LOOK AT THE STUDIES SHOWING THE RISKS ARE NOT WORTH IT. DO NOT FOLLOW GOVERNMENT DIRECTIVES. LET THEM THREATEN YOU. STAND YOUR GROUND).

I've yet to see a single Premier or Governor on the continent (outside a couple of mental cases like Hochul in NY) who are sticking to the 2020 playbook.

It's all but over everywhere.

Not in Quebec. Where it has staked its financial well-being in low-quality vaccines produced by spook companies linked to the U.S. deep state. 

Legault is an idiot for all times and I will keep saying it.

These people pose a threat to not just health but freedom as we understand it.

Dante would definitely have a place in hell for them all. 

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