Public Health = Death

I don't say this lightly, but it's looking like the people in charge are either psychopathic serial killers or so deliberately blinded by their own dogma that they're killing everything in their path.

Either way, it's not good.

It's depraved, heartbreaking, shocking and simply too hard to accept.

When they announced they would start jabbing animals a few months ago, those of us opposed to the 'vaccine' campaign had a sick, sinking feeling that this wasn't going to end well.

And so it has begun.

Gorillas, pandas, snow leopards are all sacrificed by humans blinded by hysteria. 


There are rumours Quebec is vaccinating cows but I have to verify this. Wouldn't surprise me if they are one bit.

Again, the sons of bitches are acting surprised.

I'm at the point now they all know what's going on and rather than tell the truth they're lying and fabricating fraudulent 'science' like Theresa Tam just did. She should be investigated and arrested for fraud causing harm.

Here's what she's doing.

She's presenting herself as a savour by overshooting how many people she allegedly saved to shield from the deaths her measures and vaccines have caused. Claiming 800 000 people were saved shields and dwarf whatever deaths were caused by the vaccines. So now she can say, 'Yes, 10 000 people from the vaccines. But we saved 800 000. This is the thinking of a murderer. These people are legit serial killers.

Except she didn't save shit.

She caused misery, heartache and pain.

She broke social cohesion.

Not that she and her ilk are any kind of legal trouble. Bureaucrats are so well protected it's not even funny. She doesn't have to fear about anything. 

As have all who support her and her actions.

Call it what you want. 1st, 2nd degree murder, manslaughter - whatever.

It all ends up with the simple calculus of public health = death.

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