Of The Spirit Of Punk; Fire Anyone Part Of The Skinner Nudge Gang

Turns out the true torch bearers for critical thought, freedom and the questioning of authority were the people who resisted all the propaganda and psychological terror thrown at them. Trillions of dollars worth of junk science and psychology. was spent as well as boundless human energy. 

They absorbed, challenged and fought off the unseemly and unethical hate from journalists to mindless people to TV dinner experts.

Not to mention public officials who got up in front of cameras and lied right to the faces of citizens. 

They saw the snake oil aspect to all this.

Without their courage and intelligence, what was left of our heritage as free peoples would be all but gone.

The resisters - the so-called 'recalcitrants' - are the true spirit of punk.

Sorry Rage Against the Machine and Dave Grohl. You guys are nothing but establishment shills with no balls. Behind your flopping hairs and bopping heads is nothing but a dickless Ken doll.


All the TV dinner experts and health officials who comprise of the  Skinner Nudge Gang should lose their jobs and be held to account. Get them out before they can spin this story more to avoid getting into trouble. They underestimate the catastrophe of their 'recommendations' about lockdowns. One epidemiologist told me the damage is being 'exaggerated'. 

Ok, pal. Let's fire you and see if you think it's 'exaggerated'. Don't overrate yourself.

I don't need to hear Skippy from McGill and Todd from U of T  'Ronasplainin' to us how all the damage is in our heads like that corrupted fool Fauci did. 

Why not give them all the boot? We put millions out of work for being 'non-essential'. So it's not like we care about jobs. A good case can be made that redundant bureaucrats are pointless and costly.

A vast majority of bureaucrats are redundant anyway.

They are assumed to be 'essential' but in the end, they ended up being useless.

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