Of Course He Would

One good thing about idiotic ideologues is they're predictable.

A recent video clip of an Alberta couple verbally attacking Chrystia Freeland in a building has caught the eye of internet.

The usual 'OMG!' pearl clutching from the media ensued. This from the same media who had no trouble holding water for 'experts' as well as editorializing about the need to shame the unvaccinated thus ruining the civil order for decades to come.

Put a mask on a kid to their developmental detriment no problem,

Yell, at a politician and that's a Rubicon we can't cross.


The Montreal private school brat groomed to be an enemy of Canada posing as a PM only hanging to power because of a cynical and weak leader of the NDP, wasted no time doing his Vaudeville shtick.

Standing in front of ridiculous rainbow flags that have lost all meaning or seriousness, Canada is a racialized country or some stupid shit. We're ALL racists now. 

No, you don't get it. When you fabricate hate to divide and conquer society, eventually they come for everyone including YOU.

Story of the 20th century. Read up on it. 

Here's the problem.

It was just a man who did the talking.

Remember up top I said it was a couple?

Well, there was a woman who also had words for Freeland.

Nice little omission there, Justin. How convenient, eh?

Par for the course with this weasel. He has no regard for the intelligence of Canadians. At this point he just emotes ideological gibberish like a brain dead fish.

That goes for the entire Liberal party. At this point, he speaks for you clearly so you're all culpable in this sorry state of affairs.

The citizen-governemtn relationship is a caustic one right now in Canada.

It was all avoidable.

Alas, one man chose not to avoid and has us on a collision course with a bleak future. 

Canada is not on a good path. It will decade decades to repair the governmental, legal, bureaucratic, and civil disorder he has brought upon a peaceful country.

An apathetic population now must shake itself from that apathy and stand for their nation. 

The media and Ivory Tower government frighteningly refuse to ask WHY people are constantly protesting and verbally attacking Chrystia and Justin.

If they'd do so, they'd see why.

Chrystia and Justin, to borrow from Dante's 'Infermo' are 'sowers of discord'.

Their place in hell awaits. 

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