There's No Walking Back From This

Canada and the USA's response to Covid is a complete and utter destructive disaster. 

And the scary part?

We have experts who are still calling for similar 'strategies' come the fall!!

The world - including the USA - is now moving on leaving Canada in the dust.

We're still harassing people coming back into the country. 

We still are forcing apps on people.

We're still clinging to masks.

We still are considering mauling the children with restrictions and masks.

PEI is talking about closing its borders off again! Think how completely unhinged we've become.

We have the head of Toronto health - De Villa - who claims the 4th booster is even better than the 3rd when we all know this is simply not true. We have incompetent and corrupt officials simply going up there and lying to the public. That's what happens when you don't base your policies on sound science and common decency. You start to believe in your own deception and lies. And you keep going.

Canada is lying to itself to dangerous levels.

It's enough to make one take crazy pills.

But it's not us that's crazy.

It's them. The misapplication of the precautionary principle has ruined and continues to ruin the lives of many. This irrational obsession of believing we can prevent people from contracting disease has gone way too far.

This will come with consequences that will last years and years.

When all this is done and we assess the damage the media and public and academic health officials and professionals, as well as professionals, have done, there is no doubt Canada and the USA will be the chapters in the book that will discuss what not to do in a time of public health crisis.

Sweden and Scandinavia (and other countries who kept their scruples and minds screwed on straight), will be the chapters on what to do.

Canada is now an outlier. 

It's appalling. 

Please. I implore you. Inform yourselves. Look around the world. STOP COMPLYING. 

That includes not taking ANY BOOSTERS. They do NOT work.

There's no walking back from any of this mess.

We made our bed. We will have to lie in it.

There was a small window in the summer of 2021 where the government could have begun preparing or at least setting things up so that they could alleviate the Covid fear in full blown psychosis making it easier to pivot if need be.

Instead, Justin chose the divisive and unscientific route. He turned the country into a psychological gulag with the organs of the state acting like the Cheka at our airports.

This has had a historic negative impact on our nation.

Name me ONE country with disastrous airports, confusion at passport offices, a labour force in free fall, and an overall economic scenario as grim?

In just six to nine months Justin and the Liberals have us on a path to Venezuela.

And wait until the nitrogen caps on farmers kick in as well as other idiotic climate change laws and rules that will backfire.

That bed better be comfortable.

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