It's Not A 7th Covid Wave

So, the flunkies, shills, criminals, fools, buffoons and mendacious incompetent liars that make up The Expert ((TM) class  are telling us a '7th wave is under way'.

In the middle of the summer.

This is what they expect us to believe.

That's how little they think of you and your intelligence.

These people should be strewn up by their feet by now. They not only DESTROYED the civil order but our sense of perspective and common sense. They've uprooted all reasonable and rational thought babbling the gibberish they've grown addicted to. You know, the same cycle of stale bull shit demands to wear masks and all that nonsense.

This isn't a natural Covid 7th wave in the middle of a HEAT WAVE.

This is a vaccine gone wrong wave.

This is a human catastrophe wave.

This is an explosion of injuries and soon death.

Our 'experts' have likely made the virus more dangerous through their thoughtless, cynical and corrupted actions.

The best we can do is ignore, stay strong, and don't comply. 

Everything you see on the news is a LIE.

Don't fall for it.


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