Of (Fake) Changed Worlds And Ukraine

The WEF - who are fast-tracking 'The Agenda' - often reminds us that 'Covid changed the world'.


Covid didn't change the world.

WE did.

We and we alone chose to overreact and destroy and dismantle our civil order.

Like fearful crazed lunatics.

We've forfeited the right to ever mock witch hunts, Nazis and the Middle Ages ever again.

We acted in the very same way.

Superstitiously, cynically, viciously and stupidly. 

Time for all these people to literally shut the fuck up.


1/3 of Americans feel the time is fast approaching when they will have to take up arms against the government. The crimes are flat out in the faces of the public now. For example, Congress openly engages in insider trading and nothing happens as we've seen with the Pelosi outfit. Clinton Inc. has been at it for years. Politicians are openly threatening people with assassination as we've seen through leaked audio of Biden threatening Poroshenko and Schemer doing the same for Trump.

It's not the people who are rogue.

It's the government.

We have nothing close to what is a democracy in North America.

Canada is even worse. We found out our Charter is a piece of garbage so Canadians are literally twisting in the wind where the protection of our CIVIL LIBERTIES is concerned.

But Canadians are so arrogant, and clueless that they don't feel we need to enshrine them in an icky Constitution anyway. That's for those bad Americans. 


Ukraine. As I've said. Zelensky is a criminal operating in a vassal state called Ukraine.

For years, Western media always portrayed Ukraine as the most corrupt country in Europe and possibly in the world if memory serves me right. 

Ukraine is a mafia outfit to put it simply. This is why the excuse we went in there to 'fight for democracy' was laughably cynical and hilariously hideous. 

Yet, we saw fit to send billions and billions to these criminals and a bunch of literal Nazis for what? To stick to Putin. That's all this crap is. A proxy war to get at Putin.

And it's failed spectacularly. It failed because Putin and the Russians knew the moves and planned for it.

We didn't. 

Now we're left stuck holding an empty bag full of shit like idiots. Good move Western nations. Sharp.

But Western elites LOVE Ukraine. All that racketeering. They set up shop in Ukraine and profited handsomely. 

Meanwhile, where' Waldo Zelensky? 

On the cover of Vogue with his wife.

His country is allegedly under existential threat from the raving and roving mad Russians but he finds time to pose for Vogue of all publications?

Are you thinking yet?

You should be right about now feel like Truman when he realized he was living in a fabricated world. 

The first step to renewal is to be aware.

Be aware.

Don't be afraid.

Stand up and be counted.

Don't live in fear. 



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