Australia Didn't Follow Science

They were swindled into following 'The Science' (TM).

Just like Canada.

From the onset, Sweden followed real science and they're looking much better than any nation in the West. 

As you know, I've said since 2020 given time Sweden will emerge looking sensible and successful - to the extent a country can be regarding a health crisis.

Sweden didn't lockdown like maniacs, did shut down schools like maniacs and didn't wear masks like maniacs.

And for that, their civil liberties remain more intact than ours in Canada or Australia or New Zealand - so-called 'free' and 'democratic' nations.

More like authoritarian mother hens.

For two years, the usual derelicts hoisted Australia as the model to follow. Those of us following the proceedings carefully knew this was absurd. 

Here in Montreal, there's a Montreal Gazette writer and resident Corona astrologer who did everything to prop up useless restrictions while cherry-picking data about Sweden to dismiss their sensible approach. 

Adam something is his name. 

Our behaviour was psychotic. Hysterical. Irrational. Full stop.

Australia - along with Canada, New Zealand, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium and Germany - have proven to be false idols with their junk science. Each of these countries is infested with idiotic public health officials cackling pseudoscience and lies. This includes the nutcases running the FDA, CDC and White House in the USA.

Anyone and everyone who peddled UNSCIENTIFIC measures were either incompetent or a liar. Or both.

They're fools.

Guess who is calling for more masks and other measures.

The same delinquents who made a mess of our lives and the civil order.

We know who they are. We kept names.

Those 'vaccines' sure are working, eh? So 'safe and effective' they want you in masks again.

Even the banjo player in Deliverance would have woken up by now to this deceit and nonsense. 

Ge this through your heads:

Lockdowns and masks NEVER were scientific and NEVER will be.

The 'vaccines' failed.

Deal with it. 


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