Canada Border Agents Are Asses

My frustration has led to more direct language these past couple of years.

But if the shoe fits.

This one is directed at Canadian border officials. CBSA.

Even in the best of times they can be testy, arrogant, rude and unpleasant. As if they're doing you a favour to go back into your own country to go work to generate taxes to pay their salaries.

Everyone forgets they're CIVIL SERVANTS and serve the public. The public need not be deferent to them. It's the government that must be deferent to a free people. Right now, they don't fear sovereign citizens because citizens have abdicated their sends of freedom, dignity and self-worth.

Throughout this Covid abomination which has nothing to do with public health or safety but to install a bio-security state (of which Canada is the leader because it has the right mix of authoritarian and dimwitted politicians in power), Canadians took obedience for virtue.

As it stands, both the United States and Canada require visitors to be vaccinated. Canada, as it's apt to do, took it a step further and has random testing (with a useless PCR test) for the vaccinated while bullying unvaccinated people into an unscientific 14-day quarantine. The general time frame used by most countries is 5 days. Canadian science is different you see?

Well, our politics are.

And this is what it's all about politics. The Liberal government has created mayhem and uprooted the civil order with their measures. As we burn, Justin plays the fiddle. Equally culpable are the NDP and Bloc Quebecois for supporting this because of 'muh crappy vaccines'.

They will hopefully pay a price. Politically, legally....or through karma.

Now that people are travelling (there are thousands of Canadians who have not seen family members since 2020. I want you to think about that. Think how cruel we are as a people to be indifferent to this because 'rules are rules'. Some values this country has) the Federal agents tasked to 'enforce' these disgusting rules are grabbing the spotlight more and more.

And it's not pretty.

One agent at the airport was seen in a mass crazily screaming 'that's a ticket!" to citizens who were not complying or had the ArriveCan app (since when are apps mandatory? Think about it. Ask yourself why does the government want this thing so badly in every Canadian? What are they going to do about the fact millions of Canadians don't use a phone? Just freeze them out of society? The assault on civil liberties is endless here).

We've been hearing anecdotal stories about how American customs and border agents have not been enforcing Biden's requirements and using discretion about vaccine status. From what I've heard, read and seen, generally, they don't ask American border agents are far more polite, courteous and pleasant (in general) than their Canadian counterparts. I have friends from the U.S. who have to come in for work in Canada, they hate the whole ordeal and if they could they'd ask their employers to not do so. It's just unpleasant and annoying. 

Some Canada border agents are relishing their new powers. They're bullying Canadians saying it's the 'law' to submit their rights for public health. You will not see a Canadian border use intelligence and discretion.

One experience according to a Montreal lawyer, for example, was the story of his 12-year-old daughter who despite testing negative and had Covid in the last 180 days was still ordered to quarantine.

Meanwhile, thousands upon thousands of vaccinated Canadians who don't have natural immunity, and test positive don't have to because they're vaccinated. A 'vaccine' it must be repeated that doesn't stop infection (or doesn't work 'overly well' as the criminal Fauci recently said) or halt transmission.

That kid should have been left alone.

But Canada.

A Covid gulag and a farce of a country.

More strangely, I'm hearing PHAC officials are sometimes present at the border. So when someone stands their ground and says 'you're full of shit I know my rights' CBSA brings in the cavalry: PHAC. The main source of all this madness is because they're the medical tyrants trailing on our rights. In case you haven't noticed, Tam is PHAC. All the more reason to them to fuck off. They're literally usurping the civil rights of citizens. They, along with the Minister of Health (or whatever the heck Duclos is) and Transport Canada are firing off and issuing edicts indiscriminately oblivious to the stress and disorder their causing in people's lives. 

I may be hard on CBSA at this point so I wouldn't mind if anyone could set me straight here since I'm mostly writing based on anecdotes, past experiences and hearsay. 

In any event, this is all a reflection of a people who consent or are unaware of this nonsense. We should not have reached this point in the first place. 

The Canadian government reworked aspects of the Quarantine Act just enough to give bite to enforcers and thugs to bully Canadians. They can and will fine people. It's not an actual 'law-law' since it didn't go through Royal Assent but the perception is there and agents will interpret it as such.

In other words, the law is an ass and the people enforcing it are asses. I wouldn't mind hearing stories of Canadian officials showing some discretion and not enforcing these highly dubious and specious measures. 

Anne Frank was breaking the law.

The people who turned her in were following it.

That's all I've got to say to end this.

What a dismal disaster Canada has become.

A crisis of ethics and morals.

And science. 

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