The Liberal Party Lacks Talent

Someone asked me why the Liberals are so terrible.

And this person is a Liberal voter.

I said they lack real talent - raw or refined. A party with no inner-core values or principles and talentless is bound to fail. And act like incompetent dicks.

We've come a long way since Reagan-Mulroney-Bush-Clinton-Chretien. Far from perfect - and often just as maddening - but it was reasonably sound governance compared to the lunatics in the Liberal and Democrat parties we see today.

It's also a reflection of the zeitgeist. Some people actually think they're being well served.

Hard to show these people the light.

Anyway, we get what we deserve. 

And Canada is nothing but a desolate dumping ground for immigrants who use this mediocre country for the USA. 

No immigrant will settle for sloppy seconds.

The irony is Canada increased immigration quotas from 250k to 450k. My guess we won't be able to retain most of them.

Immigrants are good at sizing up 'the situation'.

My advice is if you can't get into the USA but Canada accepts you, use your time to find a way into the U.S.. If you have the luxury of choosing, don't waste your time. Go the United States.

Trust me.

At least in the U.S. there will be a fair chance to defeat the globalists. Canada is already done.

It's no longer the country we once respected. It's a matter of time before it falls into obscure disrepute.

It has already begun. The starting date was 2015.

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