On Leaving Canada

As predicted, there's an exodus out of Canada. 

What's interesting is 22% of immigrants plan to leave while Canadians who leave plan to do so permanently. 

How this government is behaving is having a negative impact. 

Canada risks having a reputation of not adhering to democratic principles of protecting rights.

My advice is if you could, LEAVE.

The Charter, as I've argued for years, was a mirage and we're seeing in plain sight that it is as Ottawa simply is ignoring it and the courts have no interest in upholding it.

This means Canada is a fraud.


And if you're an immigrant thinking of coming here best you don't waste your time and go to America. You can find what Canada hats to offer in America - and then some.

Justin Trudeau ruined this country. Canadians simply do not care about freedom enough to withstand his assault. 


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