The Remarkable Staying Power Of Covid Hysterics

It's pretty amazing how long the fear of Covid and all the theatrics and bad science has persisted. Unnerving and amazing. Disappointing and amazing. Grotesque and amazing.

I think right now it's a fog of fear and chaos. We have poor, immature and weak leadership busy trying to figure out ways to expand Leviathan, an arrogant and incompetent medical and expert class stuck on stupid in a closed loop logic that's preying on this weakness, while the hypocritical hyenas in media hysterically ties it all up in a blue ribbon and yellow bow as propaganda to the people.

My advice is and will always be abandon media and TV. If the Will Smith incident didn't make you realize how sick pop culture is, then you deserve all you get.

All this censorship? This is phase one. If you know your Soviet history, you'd know the old adage one minute you exist, the next you don't. We are erasing and criminalizing opinion at a frightening pace. All you eggheads egging and cheering this or normies not taking a second from watching Netflix, wait, it's about to get a whole lot worse. And you may be the target at some point.

This is what history of totalitarianism teaches. What? You think we're in a democracy and this can't happen? No one seems to notice that while Justin spews tiresome cliches about democracy in Ukraine, he's overseeing the erosion of democratic principles and rights here in Canada. He already abused the rule of law with the SNC-Lavalin scandal and that opened the door to more assaults with the Emergencies Act and vaccine mandates that has ruined the careers and even lives of many Canadians.

Justin is one big walking hypocritical gargoyle.

Have you paid any attention these past two years? It can happen here.

It's already under way.

And it's pronounced KEEV! Not Key-ev. Know your virtual signals!


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