Inflation And Income Shocks

Remember, whatever is about to happen and hit us as institutional economists, investors and bankers are warning, ir was largely in part due not to Covid but our reactions and ensuing policies to them.

It's very simple and I warned about this in March of 2020 when the lockdown insanity and stupidity began.

There will be a reckoning.

It didn't take a genius to see once you throttle the economy like we did, you don't or can't just revert and expect it to 'fix itself'. You gave it a concussion. Or worse. 

Yin and yang. For every action there's a reaction.

It not only surprises me how people continue to not see and deny this, but blows my mind.

Part of it is their insulated from the damage it has caused to millions. Allowing them to covert their social media avatars into Ukraine flags shifting their false virtue into two minutes of hate for Russia.

So. Recap. Historic: 

Soaring inflation.

Gas, energy and food shortages.

Wages stagnation. 

Income not keeping with inflation.


Shock to the system.

The massive stimulus spending to cover for their delusional measures are driving inflation. Those for rents sign you're starting to see prop up all over the place? That's not a product of the natural cycle of economics and business. They were forced into it thanks to the economy and constant threat of restrictions and shut downs. No one will invest in a business in Canada. At least, they'd be wise not to in this uncertain and irrational atmosphere and environment. It will take years to see those spot be taken up again. 

Worse still, and this remains an obscene, grotesque, unethical and grotesque trend in Canada (the leading dullards of the world),the Federal government, universities, airlines and other businesses are still firing employees through these completely futile, illegal, and anti-science mandates for not kneeling and submitting to the experimental medical vaccine produced by pharma.

In its infinite wisdom, the government thinks (to the extent it does at all) throwing people who invested their lives into the careers into the streets at the point where the economic system is heading into turmoil. 

This is public health courtesy of the Liberal, NDP and Bloc Quebecois parties who support mandates. The Conservatives will prove correct in this matter and history will vindicate and applaud their calls to end the mandates however late they came to the game. 

Look for civil servants in Parliament to give themselves pay raises again in the not too distant future. They made the mess but they sure as hell won't tighten their belts. They want their filet mignon. You will have to settle for canned beef. 

You wanted lockdown and masks. Here's your trade-off.

Hope it was worth it.

Many of us pleaded and tried to warn. 



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