Two Documents Explaining The Vaccine Situation

This is what informed consent looks like.

There are some serious questions to be asked and answered about the experimental vaccines and how they've been forced into people.

A moratorium must be announced according to Dr. Bridle. 

And Policeforfreedoms request a criminal investigation. The document is excellent. 


Now both the FDA and CDC expressing caution regarding boosters.

Meanwhile, here in Canada, it remains mired in this vaccine delusion. 

In the beginning, the fear was, thanks to the frauds at Imperial College and fake virologist Christian Drosten and his bogus PCR Fischer-Price toy, we had a 'novel' virus about to kill millions upon millions within months. They braced for a 10% or higher death rate.

Then it was fairly obvious by April of 2020 that this was going to eventually settle down into the bad flu with a general .15% mortality rate. Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford was right from the start. 

But by that point, panic had settled and people wanted to remain afraid. So avoiding mass death became 'one death is too many. Gotta keep up the appearances. And then even that became impossible in its impractical application and evolved into trying to prevent people from catching it. Which is even more radically irrational. But try they did.

And this is where we remain. Suspended in total incoherence being controlled by a virus rather than the other way around.

We had a playbook. It had all been set up and settled by actual science and sound minds. Yet, somehow the 2020 crop of 'experts' decided they knew better and completely ignored it.

In doing so, they plunged this country into the depths of disaster so deep we won't recover any time soon. 

I hereby declare - as I've done since 2020 - that a full investigation must begin concerning all involved. This goes for the 10 premiers, 10 public health officers, Science boards and tables, Dr. Tam, Dr. Njoo and ultimately Justin Trudeau.

They messed up.


And now they must account for it.


Canada had a well-document and prepared pandemic response from 2006. 


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