Justin Trudeau Is Indeed A Globalist.

Pay close attention to whenever Justin talks about populists and nationalists. Also observe how his musings about them align with the media.

In the early 20th century, the fight was between different ideological factions and forces like communists and socialists (both internationalists), fascists, Nazis and classical liberalism.

Despite winning the war, it never settled these battles. It just got repackaged.

The international order was revised as one focused on international cooperation under the leadership of the United States as well as the unifying of Europe as a common block to fight off U.S. hegemony within that construct which includes international bodies like the United Nations and World Health Organization.

As time went on and U.S. might weakened relatively speaking, the far left progressive wings nestled in a new formed 'liberalism' (a hodge podge that included new progressive, socialists and even communists depending on the country). Conservatism and classical libertarianism were increasingly made irrelevant as the former slowly swallowed up all the key entities that form culture and public opinion from education to Hollywood to Wall St. to academia. Its tentacles reached into the family, law, and business. 

The internationalists never went away. The regrouped and reformed themselves. The became NGOs and the World Economic Forum. 

What Justin doesn't say when he's dehumanizing populists and nationalists lying and calling them 'white supremacists', is that he's an internationalist. In today's parlance, a globalist. 

None of this is conspiratorial or controversial. 

He's made that clear. The day he said Canada is a 'post-national' country was the day alarm bells should have went off among the Canadian electorate.

But a valueless and apathetic country without a strong sense of itself cannot see.

The Liberals enact what can only be described as globalist laws. Every bill proposed and passed usually entail subverting Canadian interested to international agendas. Every Bill I read coming out of Canada is about curbing free speech, more taxes that wallop the middle-class and other measures that reduce fundamental freedoms.

For example, climate change really isn't about the environment. It's a euphemism for globalism. Climate change is all about the individual being forced into a new social habit for 'climate'. We have no time to spare. It must be done by 2030! Meanwhile. you can bet your bottom dollar the 'beautiful people' will not be adjusting their lifestyles.

It's no secret Justin, Jagmeet and Chrystia are students of the WEF and that this entity holds considerable influence over them. When Justin and Chrystia speaks, you can see Klaus moving their lips.

They 'say' it's what Canadians want but it's not like they've been honest with them have they now?

And they act accordingly. When Justin said the pandemic was a chance for a 'global reset' he flat our told us to our faces what was in store. Canada was no longer going to be a sovereign and independent country charting its own destiny. It was going to be tied to the WEF and other bodies. 

Don't think for one second the Liberals and NDP put Canada or the middle-class first. Or else they wouldn't be holding the country hostage like they are with unscientific and unethical mandates. The longer they can keep the 'emergency' charade going, the longer anger festers the more they can demonize Canadians who protest, the more they use it as a wedge to exert control, ultimately cornering Canadian freedoms. 

They want to goad people into rebelling. It's the oldest trick in the Saul Alinsky-communist play book.

It's amusing to listen to Justin talk about populism while the media denies Justin supports globalism.

But this is the reality.

The fight is between populists and globalists.

Trump was right all along.

Pick a side.

It's as simple as that.


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