An Insufferable Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau: “With a few strokes of a pen 40 years ago today, Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms was adopted. Built around our shared values of equality, justice, and freedom, it protects the rights and freedoms that define who we are as Canadians — and brings us closer as a country.” ...

Insufferably sickening.

The Charter, clearly, isn't what it's all cracked up to be. Justin gave us a full demonstration with his Covid antics. Why bother having a Charter if it's so easy to ignore? Just rewrite it saying, 'You're free. Until you're not" and be done with it. Spare us all the rest of the bull shit.

Oh. And....

Go. Fuck. Yourself Justin. 

Go. Fuck. Yourself. 

So fed up of this hypocritical totalitarian. 

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