Quebec: A Unique Achievement

With Israel and Spain lifting their indoor mask policies, Quebec is officially an outlier in the West maintaining the not just a mask mandate but keeping emergency measures in place. 

Quebec is uniquely the only jurisdiction in North America maintaining a state of emergency. 

You wanted a 'distinct society' you got it!

Are Quebecers that sheepish?

Sorry. Australia has kept some measures in place but Australia is out of its mind and Italy. But Italy plans to drop mandates by May 1. 

Three countries. Two of which are part of the Atlantic West. 

The world is getting on with it without Canada.

The Federal mandates will damage Canada for the foreseeable future. Countries are put off by it including the USA and UK. Yes, they had mandates but not to the extreme and duration Canada has imposed.

It will negatively impact emigration and business investment.

No one will want to do business with Justin Trudeau's Canada. 

A special thanks to all the TV dinner experts who helped make this achievement happen. They include Matthew Oughton, Don Vinh, Christopher Labos, Mylene Drouin and others.

You each deserve an award. 


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