If Tam Truly Cared About Social Cohesion She'd Publicly Denounce Fisman

Theresa Tam made  claims to worry about social cohesion - the fractured civil order she helped rupture.

If PHAC truly cared about Canadian health and science they'd publicly denounce David Fisman for his hate-science.

The guy is nothing but a nasty Nazi. 

And then she and Njoo should RESIGN. 

No country is talking like Canada anymore.

No one is peddling vaccines at a feverish pitch still pimping out 'safe and effective' lies. No one is obsessing over it in the news. No one is imprisoning citizens. All mandates are done. 

Only in Canada does this stupid idiocy continues.

It's over Theresa.

Now have the decency to allow Canadians to unite and heal.

Here's a real scientist's rebuttal. Dr. Bridle rakes Fisman.

What I'd give to watch the two of them in a debate. Bridle would wipe Fisman clean off the floor. 

Fisman is a grifter, and hysterical, propagandists and failed epidemiologist.

Dr. Bridle is a real vaccinologist and immunologist. 


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