Bolshevist Inspired Maneuverings Of The Liberal Party

The stance death of 'liberal' Canada continues.

The involving of the Emergencies Act could be seen as a monumental political blunder. However, what if it was done on purpose to set the tone and path for policy initiatives the Liberals want?

Let's look at what they did.

In short and direct form, they outlawed legal protesting under the guise of public safety. Where vaccine mandates are for 'public health', it is so for protesting now.

If the government doesn't like what you're protesting, how you're protesting and where you're protesting, it can and will crush you. Chinese style.

What Canada did is unique in the West and it came courtesy of Chrysria and Justin -  a pair of transhumanists gone wrong.

So. With the aid of the attack lap dogs in the media, the unleashed the hounds of hell and first softened the hay-eating, valueless and apathetic Canadian population by dehumanizing the truckers. Once the organized propaganda to set up the conditions to entrap the truckers was set, they invoked the Emergencies Act. Then, they began to arrest truckers and organizers. As if this wasn't appalling enough, they then took the extraordinary step of freezing the bank accounts of free and sovereign people who committed no crime.

But Chrystia and Justin created a crime and its criminals.

The rest is history.

A permanent stain on this country.

The lingering impacts of this outrageous and authoritarian act remains as law enforcement continues to harass innocent Canadians. Every moment wasted on truckers and time away from catching real criminals.

A misappropriation of resources of the highest order, no?

The final piece to this orchestrated assault on Canadian liberty came wth the new crowdfunding rules said to strengthen Fintrac in the fight against money laundering and other criminal activities.

Except the premise to bring this legislation in is based on a stark, naked lie.

The era of dehumanizing and scapegoating people is upon us.

No one is safe anymore in Canada. Covid exposed everything, For example, it exposed the FDA as emperors with no clothes and it exposed the Canadian court system as being nothing but deferent monkeys of the state,.

We should avoid all this. It will harm Canada.

All courtesy of the Bolshevist inspired actions of the progressive ideologues in the Liberal party of Canada.

You vote for this, own it.

You support totalitarianism. 

Good luck Canada. We're gonna need it. 

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