Obama And Justin In A Nutshell

Any person (s) or leader (s) calling for censorship of any kind under any justification is a totalitarian.

One can also assert a communist.

Obama and Justin make the false and opaque claim censorship (which is the suppression of free speech by other means) is necessary to fight 'misinformation' or 'disinformation' is misleading you. All they're saying is silence those who disagree with us. 

There's really nothing more to it.

So whenever you see a CBC personality give your a stupid perplexed look whenever you point out censorship is bad, remember this simple fact.

It's a power elite move to silence YOU.

Obama is and always was a fabrication; a myth. There is no substance to the man uttering the fancy words.

Justin even less so. The ultimate grotesque irony is Justin has repeatedly been caught spreading misinformation. This history books will make clear of this. There is no better and stark example than the lies he spread during the truckers convoy. Complete lies.

Obama and Justin are projecting their views onto YOU.

These are not friends of liberty or YOU.

They're totalitarians too gutless to admit they're communists. 


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