Will Musk Deliver?

Strange things are happening at Twitter. It's like releasing prisoners. 

If he ushers in a relaunch of freedom of speech, this comes at a crucial time given the outright lies media and health 'experts' (you know,  people like Theresa Tam, Howard Njoo, David Fisman, CTV, CBC etc.) have been telling people about the vaccines and Covid in general. LIES. All of it.

Now balance will be restored.

And the evil little assholes posing as 'leaders' won't like it one bit.

Hey Justin, you won't win this fight against freedom you totalitarian twit.

Same for you Obama. Call for censorship all you want but we all know the true liars and spreaders of misinformation are people like you and our little shit there Justin.

Let freedom reign.

End the fucking mandates Canada. 


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