Doom And Gloom Dube Strikes With His Dumbest Take Yet

Christian Dube strikes again.

In the annals of Covidiots, Dube will take his place comfortably:

En mêlée de presse jeudi matin, le ministre de la Santé Christian Dubé a répondu qu’il laisse le soin au directeur national de poursuivre sa réflexion. C’est sûr qu’en ce moment, la meilleure protection, c’est le masque, affirme-t-il.

First, no you buffoon, the masks aren't the best protection. Never were and never will be. Ignorant liar.

Second. wait. I thought the vaccines were the best protection?

But boy have the criminals in charge been pushing masks. The last few days it's been a fury from the gang at McGill, Tam, epidemiologists, politicians and others pushing for masks. TWO years of mask wearing. 

And what do they have to show for it? We continuously have the worst numbers in Canada.

Do Quebecers understand we're now the ONLY jurisdiction in the West with a mask mandate? How incredible is that? 

Welcome to Quebec. Where we do everything worse. 

This is completely out of control in Canada and particularly in Quebec. Nowhere in Canada have this persisted but somehow Quebec has a special spin on the science of masks and are biologically distinct from the rest of the majority of the West that have LIFTED mask mandates.

They have no intentions of ending anything. Thank like an asshole. They believe if you remove the masks it will be hard to reinstate them so they're pushing this as far and hard as they can.

As long as the population continues rolling over, the government will simply pummel them.


The people making up most of the cases and vaccinations? Double and triple vaccinated. The promised oasis of death for the unvaccinated has not happened. And by all accounts according to some experts the unvaccinated are training their immune systems to be able to handle all these variants being created by a highly vaccinated population who may have weakened immune system and run the risk of 'Chronic Covid;.

All these sudden deaths attributed to 'natural causes' or 'long illnesses' all likely have one thing in common. Guess what that is? NO. It's not normal three body builders have died this year. NO. It's not normal over 765 soccer players have died. NO. It's not normal tennis players and cyclists are experience pain and death. NO. It's not normal kids died of heart attacks, get myocarditis or strokes.

May every single 'expert' burn in hell for normalizing these all for these stupid, ineffective vaccines that are causing a lot of harm.

It's time for Dube to resign. He's another one stuck in his stale closed loop logic and refuses to emerge from it. 

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