Flailing Sophists And The True Extremists

 "The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny" Aesop. 

Justin Trudeau is a tyrant lite. Joe Biden represents an oligarchic force that relies on tyranny.

The two are sinking our nations.

One thing the Ancient Greeks didn't have was a compliant mass corporate print and social media willing to disseminate state or government propaganda in order to manipulate the masses. 

We can add lazy, sluggish and arrogant media to it.

There are sophists among us. Did you know? Just not the kind you're being told.

You may have heard that 'domestic extremism' is on the right, allegedly, in North America if you listen to the Liberal and Democrat establishment who walk and work in rhetorical and policy lockstep.

The media brings words to the flapping gums of politicians and their lies.

Academia, who revealed themselves to be authoritarian cowards in masks embracing unethical diktats from rogue elements in the Canadian and American body polity. partnered with media to act as court jesters. 

Recently, I read some journalists in Winnipeg arguing freezing bank accounts of protestors is not enough after they gave Jagmeet Singh a piece of their mind.

Journalists are clutching their pearls demanding people be polite.

Except, as free sovereign citizens we don't have to be polite to civil servants who we perceive to be breaking their oath to the Charter and to its people. 

In fact, Singh got what he richly deserved. As does Justin Trudeau. And media. They all deserve to be told to 'fuck off'.

The premise is that journalists and academics have accepted vaccine mandates as acceptable and reasonable. But millions of Canadians have seen their lives ruined and beg to differ. Canadians are also questioning how it's come to be where we've uprooted and ignored decades' worth of ethical and moral standards and mores.

We're at the point medical experts, scientists and journalists think it's time to eliminate religious exemptions for vaccines. They argue it's ok for someone to lose their career and deny them the right to earn a living for....vaccines.

Vaccines they erroneously and possibly maliciously maintain 'protect others'.

The vaccines do no such thing.

At best, they may reduce severe disease. Now, there are concerns they may be triggers for other diseases.

And then they wonder why anger simmers and stews?

Just who are the extremists exactly?

When BLM/Anitfa, protested, were they not 'extreme' in their tactics? I don't seem to recall journalists reacting in outrage and moral indignation when Rand Paul was beaten and ended up in the hospital or when Steve Scalise was shot. Both at the hands of Democrat extremists.

Rather, they applauded and whistled in approval for the most part. 

Conversely, parents who protest critical race theory, gay propaganda, and pornography in grade school are considered 'extremists' by the White House and FBI. Truckers, canary in the coal mines if you ask me, demand an end to vaccine mandates and are treated like criminals for honking and committing parking infractions. Any person who rails against rising inflation created by government irresponsibility and baby food shortages is also monitored. Unvaccinated Ukrainian refugees are allowed in but unvaccinated Canadians remain prisoners denied access to transportation. 

Try and make logic of this.

Up is down.

Evil is good.

In the sophist clown world.

No. The mandates are not reasonable and are not rooted in science.

They are cruel and punitive and they are unscientific. 

I do question someone's morality if they support them.

What the ruling classes are refusing to notice is that they're creating this atmosphere of animosity and angst. 

Not truckers. Truckers just want to work.

As do the people who outrageously lost their jobs. Let's not forget the Federal government fired them around Christmas.

Try and tell me they have empathy and compassion.

The government is incapable either because psychopathy drives it.

Any honest person possessed with moral and intellectual clarity can see it's the government who has ruptured the civil order. 

I think the sophists and the buffoons are flailing in their sophistry. There's a pushback. That's why they call for more censorship and draconian government coercion and aggression against fellow citizens. 

They're slowly losing grip and the plot.

They have to. 

Their outlook and positions are unnatural, irrational and unreasonable.

They would have sided with the British in 1776 and the Nazis in 1939.

Benjamin Franklin once said, 'Rebellion is obedience to God'.

The reaction we're seeing was inevitable. And it may grow more.

It has to. 

When it does. Get out of the way. 

We need to nourish the tree of liberty. 

The middle finger is a good start. 



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