The Liberal And Democrat Establishment Has Completely Lost The Plot

What do inflation and isolation leading to violence have in common?

They're tied to lockdowns and the continuing policies of vaccine segregation.

You can't shut down an economy and life and not face consequences.

Those consequences are inflation and isolation. 

The inflation and economic downturn have manifested themselves at the pump and soon possibly interest rates.

A toxic combo.

But the Democrats and Liberals continue to live in an irrational dream world attacking 'assault' weapons when in fact it's their failed miserable Covid policies and their idiotic gaslighting that's getting more and more people angry.

They're going to run out of scapegoats (guns and the unvaccinated' at some point. 

These people have to lose elections - and fast. They will add more enormous damage to our lives.

I do expect violence to increase in North America. 


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