Here We Go: Global Criminal Inc. And Monkey Pox

They fooled you the first time.

Did you think they were going to stop?

Heck, you gave them the world: YOUR BODY.

They will keep this infernal psychotic pandemic scam going until you wake up and say no.


This is precisely the game plan.

Keep you in perpetual fear in lockdowns and masks until you either say 'Uncle' or hit back and stop them.

Those are the only two options.

There are no political solutions. Your government hates you. And I mean even single one of you. 

The ones who complied with the Covid vaccines may want to pass on this magical monkey pox vaccine (the company that developed it was given $100 million from NIH/NIAID. Who rules NIAID? One Dr. Anthony Fauci. The dots connect themselves now. It's in your face. You can choose to ignore it but medical tyranny and the medical pharma complex is in full bloom and they want your body)  will find out soon enough they never had the choice the day they consented to the forced cab and passports.

And you were indeed forced into it. Stop deluding yourself. They manipulated the living daylight out of you. Fear, FEAR and MORE FEAR. Then they played with the data with classic 'don't look here, look there' tactics.

You were asleep. There will be consequences.

But there's no time for that.

Notice they're already prepping you.


It's the same exact playbook only this time they will refine their 'response'.

This is imply about money, power and control. That's it.

Nothing complicated. Universal vices in the laws of man.

This is a new-feudlist world now.

But there's hope IF you don't bite. That means you will not be able to enjoy life for a while. They will squeeze you to the point of stealing your life.

You must stand strong like the people who read the Covid scam from the onset who tried to warn you. You ignored them believing the true purveyors of fake news. Corporate media and the government.

Now is a good time to go in and get off your lazy asses and go read up on all those names you've been hearing about but who have been disparaged and unfairly and inaccurately maligned by the Global Criminal Inc. They're the heroes in this plot. They're your Jeff Goldbloom. Fauci is your menacing monster.

Still think there are coincidences and conspiracies?


Never mind world nations are about to sign over our sovereignty where public health is concerned over to the W.H.O. (the notion they will be given more authority but no power is wrong. They will be able to flex their muscles. All we need are 'WHO friendly' leaders and they will get what they want. It's naïveté on Trojan Horse levels) in a couple of days. Naturally, Canada is on board because Canada no longer exists as we once knew or understood it. You re-voted for a globalist criminal bully, remember? You slept and were to concerned about your trips to Santa Banana to care that there's a global coup unfolding before your eyes.

They have been planning this for decades.

Notice in the following document how they never talk about PRIVACY AND CIVIL RIGHTS in their recommendations. 

Here you go from 2021. An example (bold mine):

  • Develop and institute national-level triggers for early, proactive pandemic response
    • National governments must adopt a “no-regrets” approach to pandemic response, taking anticipatory action—as opposed to reacting to mounting case counts and fatalities, which are lagging indicators.
    • To facilitate anticipatory action on a no-regrets basis, national governments should develop national-level plans that define and incorporate “triggers” for responding to high-consequence biological events.
What if they anticipate wrong? We all know how terrible experts are on their prognostications and assessments. What can possibly go wrong?  Oops? Sorry we killed those innocent people or threw them in a gulag.

This is absolutely frightening garbage. 

It's a new spin on 'preventative' measures applying the precautionary principle in that it's saying do whatever it takes (and you can bet your bottom dollar it will go into dark places like gulags and camps. Look at China. This is what they want) for there will be no consequences.

We fought hard for our rights and they want to steal it under the guise of 'public health'.

Know the game.

Fight back.

And tell them to fuck off. 

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