Denmark Stops Promoting Vaccines; Suspends Campaign

In 2021 I predicted a Scandinavia country would nix the vaccines. Lo and behold, Denmark became the first to suspend the program. I wasn't sure which country would do it - I leaned Norway or Sweden - but I was surprised it was Denmark given it was the most restrictive of the Nordic countries and even flirted with mandatory vaccination.

Ominously, it asked people who are unvaccinated to remain so. 

Kudos, to Denmark. True to their Viking roots. I believe this will lead to other countries following suit.

Norway, for its part, refuses to give vaccines to children. 

Not Canada or the USA though.

Canada in particular is too much of a laggard and gripped by its own vicious propaganda to budge. 

Between Denmark and Quebec, we can detect a stark contrast where one suspends its vaccine program, while the other is noncommittal to removing masks. Talk about a gulf in science and courage, eh?

Denmark is firmly keeping up with the facts, while Canada and Quebec have shown no ability to evolve and remain trapped in 2020.

It perhaps can be argued, that one is a far more open society with more honesty, while the other is just too myopic and fearful. 

I shouldn't single out Quebec because Canada is equally delusional in its Covid posture. The country remains committed to stomping out Covid. An impossible task that should have anyone pushing this stale strategy committed. 

It's not just Covid measures Canadians exhibit any lack of intelligence to deal with. It's across the board whether it be how they viewed Trump, Ukraine or the reflective embrace of climate change policies. Think bike lanes. 

You can always count on Canadians to take the standard, bland, manipulated propaganda of corporate news. If it's the current thing, Canadians support it. And you can also bet Canadians will be proud of doing so. We wear apathy as a badge of honour. 

Canada and Quebec project confidence but in reality, both are gripped with general insecurity. More so in Quebec given its position on the continent. 

Their approach to protecting the French language is more punitive than constructive so it's not surprising at all they'd use a punitive approach to "combatting" Covid-19. The same insecurities exhibited with language are seen with Covid. Quebec applied every possible bad measure available. Who could forget the images of Guilbeault in front of armourer police vehicles? The alerts that were sent on phones warning of curfews like it was Beirut in 1982. More examples? Legault announced lockdowns on NYE, threatened a vat-tax, gave police powers without warrants (which still stand),  flirted with banning people from going to grocery stores, blocked off 'non-essential' purchases passports etc. Name the restriction Quebec zealously embraced it with extra spicy relish. 

They did exactly everything wrong. 

It's almost as if they looked for all possible bad ideas on purpose. None of these were original to Quebec of course. Quebec is unoriginal in its mindset but they clearly scoped the world and plucked out the worst approaches. Call it a talent.

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