Canada In Ukraine: Chrystia Freeland's War

Watching Canada try and take a leadership role in the 'war' in Ukraine (so dangerous U2 is playing their guitars there) has been one of those special surreal episodes.

This is a stupid war started by stupid people and supported by dumb idiots.

There is no vital interest in Ukraine. 

Nor is this about 'freedom and democracy.'. I want to meet the person who utters this at a party. I may just burst out laughing.

Justin can bend over and make his ass cheeks talk all he wants but he can't escape the obscene hypocrisy he has displayed. He paraded around Ukraine without a mask despite the country's low vaccination rates but dons one the second he sets foot in highly vaccinated dim-witted Canada.

Let's not go over his outrageous illegal and unethical travel bans and invoking of the Emergencies Act. 

Him talking about freedom is on par with Yasser Arafat winning the Novel Peace Prize. 

A joke.

There's a lot going on in Ukraine and Canada's behaviour isn't exactly honourable - among which is the arming of legit Nazis. Who knows what they're really up to but Justin and Zelensky are better suited for roles as hosts for American Idol than power realpolitik. 

Canada is out cronying it up for sure but let's not disregard the Chrystia Freeland angle to this. Freeland is a hard-core Ukrainian nationalist. She's basically #2 in command in Canada (God help us) and so it's not a stretch to believe our ubiquitous presence in Ukraine and photo-ops is to please Freeland.

She's long been knee-deep intricately involved in the affairs of Ukraine.

Let's call this Chrystias Freeland's War.

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