Daily Derp: Monkeyderp

Painful realities; 

Doctors are cowards and must never know where the guns are.

Same with lawyers and judges.

They're sticking to the shitty mRNA 'works' narrative and that's that.

And they will turn their backs on the injured without much difficulty. They will not help. 

It's all in your head.

It's the 'Fauci effect'. Overturn decades of established scientific evidence and turn it on its head. Get ahead of the story and narrative. Forget the evolving real-world data.

I am Fauci, therefore science. 


Duty. Indeed.


The shots could impair the long-term ability to fight infections.


U of T scientists show CDC study on masks fails to replicate.

Confirms what any sane and rational person has known for two years: THEY DO NOTHING.

They forced a change of social habit based on nothing but fear-mongering and NO EVIDENCE.

Despite this embarrassing failure, the sons of bitches still recommend masking.


The Lancet shows masks in schools were.....


Shocked face.


Applying the public health model and shootings is a bad idea.

Especially with the crop of boneheaded losers who fucked up the Covid response. 

Wanna know how full of shit Fauci (and evidently his wife) is?

Early in the pandemic around February and March he was calling for calm and wasn't calling for measures. Trump followed HIS lead. 

Recently, he blamed Trump for not having intervened early, quickly and decisively enough. That's Fauclighitng at its finest.

The science 'evolves' and 'changes' when it suits his objective and needs. 

His full of shit.


I've been saying since 2020 experts revealed themselves to be irrational jackasses.


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