The Cynicism Of Canadian Covid Politics

Let's recount and repeat what just happened. 

It was the same exact scam they pulled with the truckers and the freedom convoy. They got their lapdogs in the media - hello CTV, CBC and Global! - to demonize and dehumanize truckers. Then Justin went before the cameras and further compounded the divisive rhetoric calling them people with 'unacceptable views' and a 'fringe minority.  He then announced his despicable Emergencies Act on Valentine's Day. A tactic he borrowed from Legault announced a lockdown on New Year's Eve. Slime balls are gonna slime ball. And Quebecers will vote Legault back in. OW, sir! May I have another!

We were also treated to hysterical pleas in the House of Commons to the point some MP's likened honking to Nazis. The big oaf Mendancino called them 'rapists'.

Oh. You're an alien reading this for the first time? Oh, it be true. These were elected representatives in a so-called pluralist and free democracy acting like unhinged totalitarians. 

It was a legit, straight-up shit-clown show.

All courtesy of Justin Trudeau aided by his liberal medial pals. 

High fives all around. 

In other words, create the crisis or the story. Use the crisis (OMFG trucks are parked everywhere honking stealing food from the poor and raping people!) and story to keep mandates fairly in place.

And dullard Canadians took the bait. Sigh.

So it is with Fisman's speculative mathematical model and its hate speech content. 

A putz Olympian - Van Koeverden -  played the fool's errand in Parliament. It was so blatantly obvious what was in play. Like clockwork, the media picked up a silly 'study' written by a grifter and published by the CMA itself filled with questionable ties to pharma,  and the Liberals used it to push their untenable, unscientific and unethical travel ban and masks. The cynicism of it all is grating especially considering it's not necessary and the fact the world is ENDING mandates. Canada, being a laggard, was late to the party. 

This is very serious and tragic what is happening to science. Fisman himself said when he resigned from the Ontario Science Table to keep politics out of science and yet seems to have betrayed his own statement. I'm not very optimistic for the future of science and how it interacts with politics and how this impacts ur communities. I'm gravely concerned because if this is how it's going to be, we're in serious trouble. It's tribal and detrimental to not just our liberties but overall public health. 

Of course, I write to an audience that understands the unvaccinated pose no threat whatsoever to anyone. You have to literally be in the clouds to believe this kind of nonsense being peddled by criminals and hacks. 

The question is why the Canadian government is so intent on keeping this going (Tam has to know by now the true real-world data) even going as far as to fight them hard in court?

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