Justin's Impossible Hypocrisy

Is there a bigger global village idiot and hypocrite than Justin Trudeau?

There are challengers for sure. But he has to be at the top.

There hasn't been a more universally reviled and ridiculed by people with normal brain capacity and ethical and moral principles Canadian politician in my lifetime. 

Justin is out there trolling the country yapping on about needing to protect freedom and democracy.

Two points obliterate any semblance of sincerity in his claim.

1) He's helping an infamous clown and dictator in Zelensky. Moreover, it's clear the Nazi (and I mean for real, straight up nasty Nazis) element in the Ukraine "army" is significant. Ukraine has been commuting atrocities against the citizens of Donbase for eight years now. This is who Canada is supporting. 

Ukraine is not about democracy. It's another game of realpolitiks involving oil and gas. The West doesn't give a shit about Ukraine. 

In case you haven't noticed, several countries including Germany and Italy are now set to pay Russia in rubles. This means the U.S. petro-dollar is threatened and with it U.S dollar dominance. Ukraine was never 'heroically' beating the Russians back. 

My advice is to stop watching corporate media. 

As noted here, we were never going to 'win' this war. Russia was not only ready for it, but had legitimate grievances against the West. We were the aggressors in goading Ukraine into the war. It all makes Joly's sophomoric proclamation that they were going to 'suffocate' Russia all the more sophomoric in its stupidity.

As I stated then, she has no business being Mayor of a risky dink city like Montreal let alone foreign affairs minister taking on seasoned nations like Russia. Canada must be a laughing stock behind the scenes.

Justin and Joe have been playing checkers - poorly- and not chess. 

2) Travel bans. The right to mobility is enshrined in not just the Charter but Bill of Rights. Not that those matter anymore evidently in Canada as judges continue to inexplicably refuse to enforce the LAW.

Canada is the ONLY nation on earth maintaining mandates. Mandates even Bill Gates just said are pointless at the World Economic Forum.

Now we know for sure this is starkly political and punitive.

And cruel.

Be proud of your country Canada.



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