Russia Was Never Going To Lose

Once again, you were duped.

Like Covid and the subsequent mRNA shots, it was all rooted in obfuscation and lies.

Ukraine was never 'holding off' the Russians and Russia wasn't committing 'war crimes'.

Know who was?


For eight years they bombed and killed 14 000 people in the Donbase.

The Donbase is the largely Russian-speaking region of Ukraine that voted in a leader the U.S. later deposed allowing Ukraine to conduct a war on terror in the region. Then the West courted Ukraine to enter NATO violating an agreement with Russia. The West then egged Ukraine to fight Russia promising them 'lawyers, guns and money,  Russia had to step in. They had a legitimate grievance.

That's what happened. And you fuckers with Ukraine flags never gave a shit. 

Then we began a campaign of bull shit virtue signalling barring Russia from everything. 

How's it all going? 

Not too good. Not as the West planned. 

And know what else?

Nazis DO make up a significant part of Ukraine's' army'.  Actual Nazis. That is, classic Nazis raping and murdering. Zelensky is talking tough refusing negotiations because he knows they will try and assassinate him. He pushed himself into a corner he can't come out of and the West will abandon him. As I mentioned in the past, the U.S. will do to them as they did the Kurds when it gets too hot.

The fact countries are paying Russia in rubles for gas and oil tells you all you need to know. Sino-Russia trade is up significantly as well. 

Moreover, the BRIC nations have and will not condemn Russia. Only Western countries did that. So there's no global effort to stop Russia. The world sees this for what it is and won't interfere. Canada and the USA, for their part, have financial interests in Ukraine they'd like to conduct. That could explain why they're hung-ho.

What exactly are we 'breaking'? That they actually believed Russia was losing makes you wonder what the smoke in the political beltways of various countries. All I see is egg on the faces of Western countries. Given Justin Trudeau tried to make Ukraine his launching pad to be some sort of democratic leader is also a clue into what nonsense this all is.

NATO and the EU are actually weaker and more divided now. This miscalculation could not have come at a worse time as China flexes its muscles. The West weakened itself by getting involved in Ukraine. 

Food shortages, inflation, possible interest rate hikes, a weaker U.S. dollar, and a stronger ruble. This is what we got.  This is what these geniuses (who are ramming ineffective mRNA injections down our throats based on little science and data at this point) have given us.

Any questions? Still better than Trump? 

Now you know why I took dead aim at that Wonkette-dunce Melanie Joly talking tough against Russia. These people have no clue. Their unfettered ignorance is dangerous. 

Your tax dollars went to support NAZIS. All to please Justin and Chrystia Freeland. Chrystia's War boner as it were. 

Feel stupid yet?

You should be.

Twice now the psychopaths in power fooled you.


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