Question For Luc Boileau

The vaccine narrative is falling apart by virtue of the Pfizer documents released.

So far the government and its lackeys in government and medical class have ignored it but they won't be able to do so forever.

Reality and real-world data will come up and hit them in the face.

Basically, it confirms what we've known all along. The vaccines are not '95% effective' and the data has been ginned up to make it look like it's 'saving lives. A study in The Lancet in 2021 showed the ARR of the vaccines was in the range of 1-3%. Translation: Useless. The dumps show efficacy of .83%. That is, it had a .83% chance of saving lives.

Which explains why we keep seeing 'negative efficacy' data from places like the UK.

Canada is doing its best to hide and manipulate the data (PHAC no longer tracks vaccine deaths. You would think that's important information for people to know) and it's looking like the more you're vaccinated the more deaths. 

But keep throwing gimps like Fisman out there to regale us all about how it's the unvaccinated who threaten scared shitless Canadians. 


And the insurance companies and starting to slowly come out with their own data. 

So my question to Boileau is this: He claimed a couple of weeks ago if it weren't for the vaccines it would be a catastrophe in Quebec. 

Where's the proof for this claim?

Have you all noticed not ONCE have they ever presented you with honest facts? Notice how two years later they tell you deaths have been inflated by 50% to 60%. And still, you do not get angry? Worse, that Legault is expected to win with an even larger majority in October?

Are we all this out to lunch?

As for our kangaroo courts and joke judges, maybe the facts from Pfizer's own data may force them to stop backing the government and actually do their damn jobs and start holding them accountable for this unseemly disaster.

This whole nightmare and narrative have to collapse at some point. 

The vaccines didn't avert a catastrophe.

They created one.


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