The Measures Didn't Work

Stop pretending.

Especially masks. 

Here are a few articles to consider.

One from Tablet.

Also from Tablet. 

And City-Journal. 

Key mask resources here.

And here.


Of course, those are just a couple of recent articles. Their positions are backed by hundreds if not thousands of studies pointing to the nonsense of masks. 

Yet, in Quebec, the state, academics and 'experts' continue to defy all logic and facts by still recommending this noxious pseudoscience bull shit. 

This is part of the fight that won't be easy to remedy. 

It's impressive how backward Quebec 'science' is. It also doesn't say much for its population. It's 32 degrees outside. I see one too many people in masks - including children.

This is the face of hysteria. Don't ever forget it. Look straight into it. 

Here's an example of just are absurd it's all become.

"Suite aux nouvelles recommandations de la CNESST, je tiens à vous informer que j'ai pris la décision de maintenir le port du masque dans mon institut au delà du 14 mai. Et ce, autant pour la clientèle que pour moi-même et pour une durée indéterminée.
La CNESST recommande fortement le maintien du port du masque dans toute situation ou le un mètre de distance ne peut être respecté. C'est le cas pour les soins personnels.
Je continue de suivre la situation et si des changements sont apportés dans les prochaines semaines je vous en ferai part."

Does anyone in Quebec actually read the data? 

The. Measures. Didn't. Work. This is just embarrassing at this point. 

So. They await for the world of clueless bureaucrats who refuse to disclose their evidence for pimping masks. The CNESST 'strongly' recommends it and they know better than me! But this is the type of society Canada and Quebec. Completely deferent to authority. And proud of it. Its citizens seem unwilling or incapable to exert any kind of independent thought. 

I've repeatedly contacted and requested such information from Sante Publique and CNESST.  T

Nothing was forthcoming, Not that they have any. They just believe and dictate accordingly.

Do you think Quebec listens to actual experts?

It doesn't appear so.


The Global Covid Summit makes its declaration.  

But the established corrupted medical class takes their stand.


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