Unethical Authoritarian Cowards

If you at any point supported or expressed coercion against others, you are an unethical authoritarian coward.

Many were deceived and manipulated by propaganda. Some realized they were fooled and changed their minds.

Perhaps they can be forgiven.

For those who continue to advocate for such futile and anti-human policies, your moral and intellectual compass is broken. You speak from fear and not science.

Or truth.

The groups with varying degrees of influence on society that most committed these offences against humanity are corporate journalists telling tales of distortion, academics, lawyers, medical practitioners and scientists (notably epidemiologists).

If the word 'mandatory' slips from your lips without thought, remember. You are an unethical authoritarian coward.

You do not care about people.

You're chasing the impossibility of the 'greater good' shadow. There is no 'greater good.' That phrase comes from the collectivism of political communism.

There is only a greater YOU.

And a greater version of you cannot support what has happened to people under these mandates.

Pain, angst, suffering it has unleashed. 

This is not about public health.

To believe this at this juncture is to be a gullible and naive fool. 

Lockdowns and masks are the tools of oppression.

Look at the words. Research them.

Get informed. 

Be brave and fearless.

Obedience is not a virtue. 

Rebellion is obedience to God. 

Benjamin Franklin.

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