Justin's Continued Folly. I Know. Par For The Course.

Why has Justin made Ukraine his pet project?

Not a week doesn't go by where he's somehow - there. Taking pictures. Maskless. Looking like a complete fool.

Why is Canada poking the Russian bear?

I can understand if a nation that can defend itself would do so (and why would you give Russia's capable nuclear arsenal) but Canada? With our pitiful military?

I speak not of our quality. Many countries have quality soldiers and special forces like Canada does. I speak of our defence capabilities and hardware.

We're useless on this front. A function of freeloading off the United States.

Sorry, Gordie. It's true. Don't take offence. We're loud mouth'd shnooks. 

At least the Americans can back up their braggadocio with power. 

Worse. We can't even be bothered to meet the 2% threshold in NATO.

Talk about not paying your fair share. But there we are in Ukraine. Poking fingers in the eyes of Russia.

What happens if Russia hits back? Will we run behind the United States screaming, 'hold me back!"

What kind of stupid diplomacy is this?

Right. Liberals. I don't know who is whispering in Justin's ear connected to his empty brain. Whoever they are, they should learn to code. 


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