Van Koeterden Cites Pseudoscientific Paper in CMAJ

Former Olympian Liberal MP Adam Koeverden padded the 'the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated' lie in Parliament today. In doing so, he cited Fisman's lately disputed and debunked hate speech passing off as science. 

There are no coincidences. The grifter Fisman was told to produce junk science. He obliged. The CMAJ - whoa are in bed with pharma - published it. This gave the Liberals their 'follow the science' cover. 

It's all a coordinated sham. You have to be a dullard to not see it.

Message to Adam. Aren't the Olympics about bringing humanity together and not dividing them? 

Here are links to CMA's long shady alliance with pharma.




And here are two more them pleasing their paymasters.



Doctors are just as greedy and crooked as anyone.

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